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Over the past few years I have taken a break from producing new fashion and home décor content with just three releases from 2020 until now. Like the phoenix that rises from the ashes my fashion and accessories brand for males and females, FAUXBERRY (pronounced foh-beri) is back with new content.

♫ Don't call it a comeback...I been here for years!!! ♫

🎶 ♫ C'mon man

And with the local SL Grid news, EMzz FAUXBERRY brand with a triumphant comeback But tonight...

Don't call it a comeback, I been here for years I'm rockin' my peers, puttin' suckers in fear Makin' the tears rain down like a monsoon Listen to the bass go boom Explosions, overpowerin' Over the competition, I'm towerin' Wrecking shop, when I drop These lyrics that'll make you call the cops Don't you dare stare You better move, don't ever compare Me to the rest that'll all get sliced and diced Competition's payin' the price ♫ 🎶 — LL Cool J (Lyrics have been edited for the purposes of this blog post)


🎶Shadow boxin' when I heard you on the radio

Uuh, I just don't know

What made you forget that I was raw?

But now I gotta new tour

I'm going insane startin' a hurricane, releasin' pain

Lettin' you know, you can't gain or maintain

Unless you say my name

Rippin', killin', diggin' and drillin' a hole

Pass the Ol' Gold 🎶LL Cool J (Mama Said Knock You Out)

Want to know what I'm wearing and where to get it? Check out the credits below...

SPONSORS: Fauxberry, Roslyn, VeM — Versois et Mailloux, Prestige Imports of SL, and reEMagined SpaceS


Tres Chic [September 17th — October 10th]

FEATURING: LittleP, Movement, and DOUX

What am I wearing?


Head: LeL EvoX Briannon 3.1 [Main Store]

Body: REBORN by eBODY v1.69.3 [Main Store]

Enhancement: VELOUR: BIG BOOBS Cleavage for Ipanema [Main Store]

Skin: VELOUR: Ipanema Body for eBody Reborn [Fatpack] [Main Store]


Dress: Roslyn . Bea Midi Dress . Fatpack [Tres Chic] *new* *sponsored*

* Shown in Reborn (fatpack exclusive color Amaranth). Rigged for Kupra, Legacy, Maitreya, & Reborn. Materials enabled. Avalable in 10 individual colors to choose from. Each color package includes a metals HUD. If you're like me then fatpack is your favorite color and contains 6 bonus colors. Try a demo! *

Shoes: VeM Last Night in SoHo Heels [Fatpack] [Tres Chic] *new* *sponsored*

* Shown in Reborn (COUTURE DANDELION). Rigged for Kupra, Legacy, Maitreya, & Reborn. Materials enabled with 19 individual color versions to choose from, or if you're like me then fatpack is your favorite color. Try a demo! *


Eyes: -Belleza- FLF BOM Makeup Pack [limited time release Main Store]

Lips: IVES x LeLU EvoX - Drama Lipgloss #PACK2 [Main Store]


Hair: DOUX - Fatima Hairstyle [Blogger Pack] [Tres Chic] *new*

Manicure: Rosary. Black Affair. HUD w/ Base Nails . Coffin {rigged} [Main Store]

Gems: Rosary. Gem Pack. V1 . Coffin {rigged} [Main Store]

Earrings: e.marie // Marisol Earrings - Golds {rigged} [Main Store]

Earrings: e.marie // Kiely Earrings - Golds {rigged} [Main Store]

Glasses: e.marie // Isabel Glasses - Golds {unrigged} [Main Store]

Lip Piercing: ~LF~ Zina Pack E (INEZ) {rigged} [Main Store]

Bracelet/Rings: VOBE - Arrow Love Gold {rigged} [Main Store]

Bag: ::FAUXBERRY:: Phoenix Bag [Fatpack] [Coming Soon] *new* *sponsored*

* Shown in Samoan Sun. Available in 10 individual colors with 3 bento holds for the left and right arms including 2 curvy options. The fatpack includes 5 bonus colors. Materials enabled. *

Drink/Phone/Keys: [lilp] Grocery Day - Milk Set [Tres Chic] *new* *sponsored*


Background:[ VERSOV ]_RODEO DRIVE_FULLSCENE [Main Store] modified by sponsor reEMagined SpaceS specifically for this post using:

[lil p] Grocery Day - Milk Set [Tres Chic] *new* *sponsored*

Movement- Coffee Lover Fatpack [Tres Chic] *new* *sponsored*

MOVEMENT- Wellness day - FATPACK {bento animated} [Main Store]

Poses: FOXCITY. Secure The Bag (Stand) [Main Store]

Car: ~PI~ LA RAWRI [MAT] [Available NOW: Main Store] *new* *sponsored*

* Shown in Black/Silver. ~PI~ La Rawri [MAT] is a fast, sexy, sleek 2-seater sports car with falcon wing doors. Featuring HUD Controlled LED under glow lamps, color changeable options for the body and rims, customized car engine sounds, cruise control, automatic or manual transmission, damper/bumper which helps to keeps you out of walls! Also included is our HUD integrated fuel system on a high visibility speedometer HUD! We use the latest ACS car scripts, for low to NO lag performance. Free Automatic Lifetime Updates!

Copy, No Mod, No Trans

Sorry, models don't come with the vehicle...then again, you can unleash YOUR inner model!* Follow Prestige Imports on Release Fever to keep up-to-date on new releases!!!

**some poses may have been adjusted by me using the Black Dragon poser.

A L W A Y S K E E P I T T R E S C H I C ! ! !

Be sure to follow FAUXBERRY on Release Fever to keep up-to-date with new releases! Also follow us on Facebook and Flickr.

Looking at SL through the "Eye of the Storm"

On to the next project...

Love & Light,

乇мzz:::ƒιуαнѕтσям™:::qυαи [Emerald Ishtari]


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